The doctor treating a patient for her Overbite and an Overjet

What’s The Difference Between An Overbite And An Overjet?

By Smile Studio Dental / November 28, 2022

Determining the dynamic relationship between your upper and lower incisors is essential. It involves the dynamic mechanism while speaking or chewing food, showing whether you have overbite or overjet. Overbite and overjet are mainly outcomes of misaligned teeth. So here’s everything you need to know about overbite and overjet alongside their differences. 

What’s An Overbite And Overjet?

The Worst case scenario of overbite leads to problems like jaw pain, gum disease, and sometimes even tooth decay. An overbite occurs when your front tooth protrudes beyond your bottom front teeth. On the other hand, overjet occurs when the upper teeth protrude outwards and sit over the bottom teeth. Although overjet doesn’t affect your facial appearance, it affects your oral health by creating difficulty chewing, drinking, or biting. 

Difference Between Overbite And Overjet

Overbite and overjet are terms that are used interchangeably. Although both conditions are somewhat the same, they’re not the same. In the case of both, the upper teeth protrude in front of your bottom teeth. On the contrary, if you have an overjet, your upper teeth will protrude past the bottom teeth at an angle. However, if you have an overbite, there is no angular presence, but the teeth remain straight or downward. Overbite causes vertical misalignment of your teeth and jaw. In addition, an overjet causes issues in horizontal teeth alignment. However, it’s also possible to have both overjet and overbite simultaneously. 

What Do Overjet And Overbite Look Like?

In both cases of overbite and overjet, your upper teeth protrude and grow past your bottom teeth. It mainly occurs because of malocclusion and teeth misalignment. Before treating overbite and overjet, you must address teeth alignment issues. If not treated, your oral health will worsen with time. 

Treatment Options For Overbite And Overjet

Suppose you notice your upper front teeth protruding and going past the bottom teeth. In that case, you might have overbite and overjet issues. However, you can deal with tooth misalignment problems with proper treatment procedures. Here’s a list of treatment options available for reducing overjet and overbite issues:


  • The first and foremost treatment option for overjet is using dental braces. Braces help your teeth to restore their position, which had been portrayed outward because of an overjet. Metal or ceramic braces are primarily designed for aligning and straightening teeth effectively. 
  • Dental veneers are also effective in treating overjet. Most dentists believe that getting dental veneers help you get the feel of natural teeth, thereby giving you convenience in your biting and chewing patterns. 
  • With the help of dental bonding, your dentist will use composite reasons for changing the shape and size of your teeth. Due to dental bonding, your protruding teeth caused by overjet will reduce largely. The resin acts like natural teeth and is long-lasting. 


  • Clear aligners help treat overbite issues. It helps align your crooked teeth, which reduces the protruding of your upper teeth. 
  • Dentists tend to suggest jaw alignment surgery if dental appliances don’t work. With this, you can eliminate an overbite caused by a misaligned set of teeth. 
  • Growth modification devices are considered effective, alongside palate expanders, which help you reposition your jaw. 

Overbite and overjet are considered to be equally serious oral conditions that require urgent attention. Left untreated for a prolonged time increases the risk of oral health problems and poor digestion because of improper food chewing. Refrain from letting overjet and overbite issues in your oral health and facial appearance. Visit your dentist and get rid of these issues for perfectly aligned teeth and healthy gums.