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Your Emotional And Physical Comfort Matter.

Our office amenities are designed to help change the way you perceive going to the Dentist. Above all, we prioritize cleanliness, safety protocol and comfort focused amenities. For those patients who schedule multiple procedures in one visit or have a fear of the Dentist we offer laughing gas and oral sedation options for an additional fee.

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Smart TV with Headphones

Watch Netflix or listen to your favorite music on the tv above you during appointment.

Soft Blanket

We love help you keep warm and comfortable while we work on your smile.

Warm Steamed Towel

Essential oil steamed towels will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Support Pillow

Enjoy extra support for your neck/back.

Refreshment Bar

Choose from coffee, tea, cold or room temperature water, or sparkling water

Ear Plugs

Cancel out dental tool noise. with our complimentary ear plugs.