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"Everyone at Smile Studio makes your experience a comfortable one. They treat you like a friend, not a patient. Dr. Gart and Dr. Sweis are great! I’ve had some major work done here and it’s been easy. They have headphones and TVs in the ceiling so you don’t have to focus on the work being done. Office is modern, updated. I’d like to give this more than five stars but Google only allows five. Can’t recommend this place enough!"
Steve Zy
"Excellent! Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable from beginning to end. I was comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. I was very happy to be there. And I will definitely be back to complete my work and any future dental needs I may have as well as refer other people to come to the business."
Lady L
"My husband and I recently moved from Denver to Connecticut and miss the staff and dentists at Smile Studio Dental. I had a dental emergency and flew back to Denver just to have Dr Gart take care of it. They are warm, caring and dependable. They truly value their patients and back up their work. I would fly back every six months for a visit if that was feasible."
Jacqui Barclay
"Just want to take a moment to say what a great experience I had. Great team & the staff were friendly & ready to help w/ any questions I had. Jeremy & Dr. Sweis were awesome & very detail oriented. You can tell they have your best interest at heart."
Rob Ladislao