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Smile! It's Your Wedding Day.

Feel Your Best By Looking Your Best For Your Big Day with our wedding day smile timeline guide!

Get The Perfect Smile For Your Most Precious Day

Congratulations on your engagement!

Get the Smile of your dreams for your big day!

Wedding Smile Timeline

Congratulations on your engagement! We are SO happy you have found the one. We know when planning a wedding you have a long list of to-do’s, but don’t forget one of the most important, Enhancing Your Smile!!!

After all, your smile will be forever engraved in all of your wedding photos and videos, so why not make sure it’s the smile you love!?

Look your best, feel your best! We are here to help ensure your smile is as bright and beautiful as you feel.

From your first engagement pictures to the last day of your honeymoon, and everything in-between. Here at Smile Studio Dental, we have put together a timeline guide leading up to your unforgettable day. The timeline is customizable to each patient!

We are so excited to be part of your smile journey! When you smile, we smile!


Icon of invisalign

Clear Aligners (invisalign)

12+ months until i do

Everything from here erase and write Here at Smile Studio Dental, we use Invisalign to straighten teeth and move them into a more ideal position. Schedule a complimentary Invisalign consult on our website!

Take Home Teeth whitening

10-12 months until i do

Take home teeth whitening is a really great way to conveniently whiten your teeth at home! While we all love coffee, tea, and red wine, they tend to stain our teeth in unfavorable ways over time. It is a great way to brighten your smile for your engagement photos, wedding shower, or bachelorette party! Sit back, kick your feet up on the couch, and plan your wedding with our take home device in your mouth working on your teeth while you work on your big day 🙂

Annual Cleaning

8-10 months until i do

Getting your teeth cleaned and examined twice a year is extremely important for the overall health of your mouth and to prevent dental emergencies. It is equally as important for your wedding day to make sure your teeth are healthy, your breath smells great, and to make sure you avoid all potential dental problems that may arise before your big day. No bride needs extra stress!

Smile touch ups


3-6 months until i do

You can get the smile of your dreams by going for the repairs at our dental office. Veneers or bonding can help make the following repairs.


Veneers are basically tooth-colored shells that are bonded to the frontier surface of the restore the shape, size, and color. It can be a perfect solution to fix the problem of having irregular or crooked teeth.


In case you have cracked or chipped teeth, there is nothing to worry about. Going for bonding treatment can help to resolve this issue quickly. In this process, the teeth-colored composite resin is used to bond to the surface of damaged teeth.

In office teeth whitening

1 month until i do

Our in office whitening system is one of THE best in the market! It is a prescription grade whitening system that is very strong, that is why we have to apply it in our office! It can whiten you up to 10 shades whiter! It is incredible! This is what you want RIGHT before your big day! We recommend coming in for an hour appointment to receive our in office whitening as close to your wedding day as possible to make sure your teeth shine nice and bright for your big day!


Your Big Day

Congratulations on your big day! We are so honored you chose us to be part of your dental journey and giving you the smile you wanted! Cheers!


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