What To Do When A Tooth Is Knocked Out?

By Smile Studio Dental / March 24, 2021

Oftentimes we get to see a knocked out tooth. It is very common, especially among kids. But, you can also face this kind of case, even though you are an adult.

When you face an injury during any sport activities or other situations, commonly the main area of damage is the face. Sports-related dental accidents can

generally range from minor chips to a total loss of a tooth.

What can you do when a Tooth is Knocked Out?

  • In the first case, hold the tooth by the crown firmly and not the root. Then clean the extra dirt from your tooth with cold water.  Note: Don’t scrub your tooth.

Then, you can put your tooth carefully into the socket or else keep it between your cheek and gums. It is essential as you have to head towards Dental Emergency for aid. But never let your child do this, if in case they swallow it. It’s better to visit your Emergency Dentist within 30 minutes!

  • In case, if a tooth is chipped, collect the broken pieces and carry them to the nearest dentist. The dentist fills the tooth and smoothes it down. But if the total tooth is knocked out, then it’s necessary to act quickly and carefully. This may increase the possibilities of saving your tooth.

What will your Dentist Do?

If you have placed the tooth back in, the dentist will check if it’s in the exact position. And if you bring the tooth soaked in milk or saliva, the dentist puts the tooth back in. He/she then affixes your tooth, known as splinting. The dentist may ask you to come back within some weeks to take off your splint.

If you are incapable of finding the tooth or the dentist is unable to save it, no worries! A false tooth can simply replace it.

Get the Immediate Care you need!

A tooth being knocked out is certainly a Dental Emergency! And for that we have Emergency Dental Care in Denver, CO.  If you’re surfing your web for a dentist in Denver, then surely call us at Smile Studio Dental. Our Emergency Dentist in Denver will render you the immediate care and comfort you require.