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How To Place All-On-4 Dental Implants?

By Smile Studio Dental / December 29, 2021

If you want to replace all of your teeth in your mouth, all-on-4 dental implants could be the best option. Unlike removable dentures, get an implant fixed in the jaw as a long-term substitute for missing teeth.

While standard dental implants can replace a tooth or several teeth in a row, all-on-4 implants use a fixed bridge to replace a whole row of missing teeth. Depending on a person, this may include setting 4 or 6 implants to keep all the teeth in each angle.

Am I Suitable For All-On-4 Implants?

Can anyone get dental implants? Your dentist will clarify what the implant process involves, the potential risk, and what dental implants cost at your initial consultation. So, you can determine if this is good for you.

Your surgeon will also check your medical record to evaluate your oral health conditions to see if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. You have to be in good general fitness with healthy gums for this treatment. These implants are at 45-degree angles in the jaw. It also avoids the need for bone grafting.

Procedure Of All-On-4 Dental Implants Placement?

There are three components to all-on-4 dental implants:-

  • The implants, with screw structure, are placed into your jaw.
  • The prosthetic teeth, which look and function like healthy, natural teeth.
  • The abutments are inserted into the implants and let the new teeth attached to the implants.

The first step is to use a scalpel to form and peel back two gum flaps to reveal the underlying jawbone. A hole is drilled into the jawbone to make room for the implant to insert it. This process gets replicated for all the implants. It may be viable for temporary teeth to get worn over the implant sites. If not, a temporary healing cap is screwed into the top of each implant to close off the implant’s interior from the surrounding oral conditions. The two flaps of gum tissue will then be cut, shaped, and moved back over the jawbone and close to the implant’s healing cap. A few sutures get placed to keep the gum tissue in place; the sutures will be there for 7 to 10 days.

During the following two to six months, the implants and the bone will be permitted to connect to create anchors for your new teeth. It will then be time to uncover the implants, remove the temporary teeth and attach the abutments. Your gums will heal in a couple of weeks following this process.

Eventually, full bridges or dentures made to imitate your natural teeth get bound to the abutments. After a while, you will encounter rejuvenated confidence in your smile and your capability to chew and speak naturally.

What Are The Advantages Of Full-Mouth Dental Implants Over Conventional Dentures?

Dental implants in Denver have advantages. Full mouth dental implants or all-on-4 implants provide & have benefits over other teeth replacement alternatives like traditional dentures. In addition to looking and performing like natural teeth, full mouth dental implants are long-lasting. They’re also more comfy and durable than dentures, letting you bite and chew more naturally and eat specific foods that can be difficult to eat with traditional dentures.

Another advantage is that all-on-4 dental implants don’t need the time-consuming supervision associated with traditional dentures, which should be taken off the mouth and cleaned after eating and soaked overnight. Instead, dental implants require only overlooked with the daily brushing and flossing habits advised for natural teeth.

In addition, because all-on4 dental implants will replace some of your tooth roots, your bone will be better maintained. With conventional dentures, the bone that formerly wrapped the tooth roots will begin damaging. It will lead to recession of the jawbone and a collapsed, unappealing smile. In contrast, dental implants blend with your jawbone, allowing you to keep the bone fit and your natural smile intact.

Final Thoughts

Being the best dental service provider, we have a vast knowledge of how a single implant & all-on-4 implant will work out or not on you. Our dental facilities have everything you need to fix your worsened dental conditions. If you think you are in urgent need of a full mouth or all-on-4 dental implant. Contact us today to get a free consultation in our dental office located in Denver. You can also call us to begin your treatment at Smile Studio Dental Denver.