Everything You Need To Know About Buck Teeth

By Smile Studio Dental / November 11, 2022

In simple terms, buck teeth are a form of teeth misalignment, which leads to fatal consequences. Buck teeth can be a source of embarrassment for many people, but they don’t have to be. If you have buck teeth, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Causes Buck Teeth?

Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrusting mainly occurs because of poor swallowing habits, and thrusting your tongue results in buck teeth. It occurs when the tongue tends to press too far forward the mouth. It eventually leads to a condition called open bite but is equally prone to an overbite. 

Thumb Sucking 

Remember how our parents told us not to suck on our thumbs in our childhood, and we did it anyway? Yes, it causes your upper teeth gums to protrude out. Once an infant keeps sucking onto their thumbs after tooth appearance, it causes pressure on the gums, which creates an abnormal angle for the teeth, making them misaligned. 


Most of us have gad pacifiers in our infancy. This was also a reason that you have a protruding pair of teeth. Yes, pacifier use is another form of thumb-sucking behavior, creating the risk of developing overbites. 

Treatment Options For Buck Teeth

Although correcting your buck teeth is a cosmetic concern, it is equally important for restoring your oral health concerns. If left untreated for a prolonged time, you experience numerous issues, including speech impediment and difficulties. Thus, looking for possible treatment options to treat buck teeth is important. They are as follows:


Traditional braces are a standard treatment option for buck teeth. For treating buck teeth with braces, kids and teenagers use them early for better results. However, adults are also eligible for this. Metal brackets are attached to the teeth, and wires are put in to create pressure and align the teeth. 

Clear Aligners Like Invisalign 

Invisalign aligners are the modern ways of aligning teeth, which are primarily suited for adults. For mild cases, Invisalign works like magic on your teeth, where you no longer need to feel ashamed about your buck teeth. 

Jaw Surgery 

In most severe cases, jaw surgery is the ultimate resort. In these situations, most of the patients are found to have overbite problems because of their jaw structure. With the help of jaw surgery, one can undo the effects of buck teeth on their face. 

The Bottom Line 

Buck teeth are a serious issue, which is often kept mistreated. Your protruding front teeth can cause varied problems to you, including jaw pains and tooth decay. It’s a deformity that occurs because of some significant habits we develop in childhood. If left untreated, buck teeth lead to teeth overcrowding, thereby affecting your facial appearance largely. If you have buck teeth, it’s high time that you consult with your dentist regarding the possible treatments related to treating buck teeth.