Retainers are a crucial part of keeping teeth straight after Invisalign® aligner treatment has concluded. Learn about retainers, their cost, and how they can help you after your primary orthodontic treatment is over.

Affordable Dental Retainers in Denver, CO

If you have recently completed orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners, it is important to maintain the new and improved position of your teeth through the retention phase. Smile Studio Dental in Denver, CO, offers Essex clear retainers to help you achieve long-lasting results and a confident smile.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a dental appliance created to keep your teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontic team designs fixed and removable retainers that fit comfortably and provide functionality and discretion. They are made of transparent plastic and thin wires.

The duration of retainer wear varies depending on your orthodontic needs and age. However, following your orthodontist’s directions and wearing your retainer as instructed is crucial for successful treatment outcomes. Not wearing your retainer correctly can cause treatment relapse or prolonged treatment time. Therefore, it is essential to remain dedicated during this final stage of orthodontic treatment.

To preserve your orthodontic results and maintain your confident smile, schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your options.

  • What types of retainers are available?

    There are various types of retainers available, each specializing in different dental problems. At Smile Studio Dental, we offer Essix retainers, which are the most commonly used vacuum-formed retainer (VFR).

    First, a mold is made of the teeth in their new alignment, and then clear PVC trays are created to fit over the entire arch. These types of retainers do not affect the smile’s aesthetic appearance in the same way as the Hawley retainer.

  • What do I need to consider when using a retainer?

    To ensure your retainer functions effectively and lasts, remember these key points:

    • Always store it in a vibrant case when not in use to avoid losing it, especially while eating or brushing.
    • Avoid eating with the retainer in, as it can cause damage and trap food, leading to bad breath or difficulty chewing.
    • Clean your retainer regularly using a toothbrush or specialized cleaner to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup.
    • Follow your orthodontist’s instructions on wear time to maintain your teeth’s new alignment and avoid setbacks.
  • How long do dental retainers last?

    The lifespan of dental retainers varies but can last several years with proper care. Removable retainers may need periodic adjustments or replacements, while fixed retainers can last longer but may require maintenance. Regular check-ups with your orthodontist can help ensure the stability of your orthodontic results.

More Questions?

We welcome any questions you have about retainers. Contact our office with questions or to schedule an appointment!

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