Botox Treatments In Denver, CO

Botox® Denver

Botox® Treatment In Denver, CO

As you start to age, repeated contractions of particular muscles in your face form fine lines and wrinkles surrounding your eyes, between the eyes, and also on your forehead, all of which make you look older.

Our primary goal at Smile Studio Dental is to help you attain optimal oral health. But when you know that your oral health is totally on track, you may desire to get a more youthful look to design your gorgeous new smile. We are glad to announce that we now provide BOTOX® injections at our Denver dental office.

Why Should You Visit A Dentist For Botox®?

If you wonder why you should prefer a dentist for Botox injections it makes complete sense, considering the fact that all the services we offer are meant to improve your aesthetics. During her advanced dental training, Dr. Rana extensively studied the anatomy of the head and neck and Neurotoxin and she is a licensed and trained Botox/Neurotoxin injector. This makes her the ideal choice for delivering pain-free and safe Botox injections.

How Does Botox® Work?

Actually, BOTOX® is the shorter term for a protein generated by Clostridium botulin bacteria called Botulinum toxin, and it is safe to use in humans in little concentrations. Dr. Rana injects the injection skillfully into particular facial muscles to allow them to relax and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Patients at Smile Studio Dental - Denver are highly satisfied and thrilled with the results they have achieved with BOTOX®! The process is minimally invasive and takes just about 15 minutes. Maximum patients say that all they feel with the injection is just a tiny pinch. Recovery from the procedure is minimal, and you can easily be able to resume your daily routine once you step out of our office.
The effects of BOTOX® generally begin to become visible after about 3 to 5 days after the treatment, and in around ten days, you can expect to visualize the complete results. Everyone is unique, but the effects of BOTOX® generally stay around three to four months.

Beautifully Natural Results
Don’t worry at all that your face will appear “frozen” or expressionless; Dr. Rana’s knowledge and expertise in BOTOX® enable her to monitor treatment with outstanding precision and accuracy. The surrounding facial muscles that he has not been treated will contract naturally, leaving your facial expressions unaffected.

Other Uses For Botox®
Many people consider BOTOX® as strictly a cosmetic procedure that enhances their appearance. However many patients nowadays rely upon BOTOX® treatments for various reasons. BOTOX® has proved to relieve migraines and chronic headaches. Patients who are suffering from teeth grinding or jaw clenching can get relief with BOTOX® treatments, which can stop enamel erosion and further tooth fracturing.
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If you’re already enjoying a confident and healthy smile but would still desire to revamp your look, please call 720.617.1499. We would be happy to show you how BOTOX® can help you get back the youthful appearance you thought you had completely lost.